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Welcome to Little Scientists! We run a science based School Holiday Programme at Hillsborough  and a Travelling Science Show in Auckland throughout the year.


Children are born with an innate sense of curiosity. As soon as we can talk, we want to know the answers to everything; "What happens if I drop the egg?" "What does this button do?" "What happens if I mix these together?" At Little Scientists, our goal is to provide an exciting School Holiday Programme and Science Show experience, where children can ask questions, hypothesise and carry out experiments in a relaxed environment. Our school holiday sessions cost $50 per session per child and are designed for 5-10 year old children, to encourage participation and increase engagement in science. Education is about expanding the horizons of human experience and becoming inclusive. We aim to foster children's curiosity and help them become critical thinkers and confident learners. It's not about loading the mind with information, but about making the mind capable of razor sharp perception ... and having fun!

Galaxies and solar systems, papier mâché planets, exploring the magnetic poles; join us on an exciting journey to infinity and beyond.

From static electricity to magnetic fields, carbon nano-particles and magnification; help explore the mysteries of time, space and energy.

From shapes and structures to robotics and mechanics; we love to find out how things work & explore everything about our physical world.

Thermochromic slime, polymerisation, crystals, rainbows; dive into the diverse world of colour and form and connect with your creativity

Patterns & puzzles, symbols and algorithms; we put our problem solving skills into action as we discover new challenges every day.

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Little Scientists

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