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At Little Scientists we LOVE all things science!

Spectacular explosions! space, bug hunts, action-reaction ...

So much to investigate and explore! 

Science is all around us and everywhere there are things that can capture the imagination of a child, prompting questions that need answers or explanations. At Little Scientists, we love finding out what fascinates children, because it gives us an opportunity to create activities that respond to their individual interests. Of course, it’s not all science! We have a large, fully fenced outdoor area which provides lots of opportunity for free play and games as well. There's a big sandpit, water-slide, gardens and monkey bars for the children to enjoy and a team of fantastic adults to watch over them. In fact, it was in this very sandpit during a Playcentre session that the idea for Little Scientists was born. Using many Playcentre-based ideas about learning through play, I was inspired by the vast area of learning that science offers and the possibilities available to us to explore these in the lovely Playcentre grounds.  Our goal is to inspire a love of learning in every Little Scientist!

Jess Singh

Programme Director

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